A message from Lama Surya Das Join the We Volution

Happy belated Valentine’s Day, mutual lovers and secret spirit-sharers. I hope your heart is full and mind open, wings of spirit unfolding and soul nourished and at home.

Nina Simone sings:

“I wish I could share

All the love that’s in my heart

Remove every doubt

It keeps us apart

And I wish you could know

What it means to be me

Then you’d see and agree

Every man should be free”

I have been thinking about civil rights and society, and human rights in general, all winter, and hope you are too, and moreover eschewing and uprooting the roots of hatred and violence in your hearts and mind, body and soul. Fundamentalist-inspired violence and extreme dogmatic views seems like the bane of this modern world, bringing us all down. Let’s not just sit around twiddling our meditation and texting thumbs, let’s join the we-volution for a better world and brighter future to be possible!

We is the new iye.

Speaking about the weather, I just returned from Ram Dass’ house on Maui to blizzards pilin’ upon blizzards here in the Pilgrim State– What’s Wrong With This Picture? And yet, my heart is afire after co-meditating daily with the old Spiritual Lion himself, and being here now together after all these decades. He remains committed and devoted as ever to “passing Loving awareness on, soul to soul” and to being one with one and all, guru and God. May this year be one of spiritual harmony and attunement, convergitation and communitation. And when our time comes, as it eventually must to all of us, may we pass gently into the Light in a gorgeous manner!

With love,

Lama Surya Das