A letter from Lama Surya Das on seasonal intensive retreat programs

Dear Dharma Friends,

The Dzogchen Center is deeply grateful for your ongoing participation and generous support in continuing our 25 years of mutual efforts to fulfill the potential of our legacy of timeless wisdom and compassion in action, as well as the Dzogchen view, meditation and action in North America.

We continue offering seasonal intensive retreat programs, both long and short; organizing and convening trans-sectarian international Buddhist teacher conferences; and reaching out to the younger generations through varied social media, podcasts, blogs, lectures and workshops. We are improving our Dzogchen Center website, which will afford us a larger presence on the Web, and continuing our retreat scholarships fund, personal mentoring, teacher training and the like, as we strive to carry on our lineage transmission and practice-oriented teachings, intent upon furthering a more sane and peaceful, just and equitable world.

My Lamas Lineage & Legacy Project (“3LP”), begun in Massachusetts in 2014, is dedicated to preserving and providing the teachings, transcripts, text and translations of historic Grand Masters’ (Tibetan Rinpoche) audio cassettes and videotapes, as well as their sacred art and my gurus’ blessed relics. In their current condition, many are in obsolete formats and disintegrating recorded mediums; these rare assets will disappear to posterity if we do not preserve them now!

Through generous donations, we have already digitized about 180 teacher recordings, exclusive only to 3LP. We hope to continue this important work with the remaining recordings, and have partnered with TBRC (Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center) to preserve these invaluable materials online through their pioneering efforts in the forefront of this field, ensuring the maintenance of our work through successive generations of programs, software, etc. With the creation of the 3LP virtual library archive, featuring a micro pod environment, along with my personal sacred art collection—interactivity, scholarship and spiritual education will be advanced.

Without your generous support, we cannot accomplish these transformative wisdom, peace-making and healing initiatives. Please consider making a gift that will ensure the sustainability and further adaptation and application of these teachings.

To make a tax deductible contribution go to: http://registry.dzogchen.org/donate, or mail your check to: Dzogchen Center, PO Box 400734, Cambridge, MA 02140.

The Dalai Lama says: “We need each other to become enlightened, to develop empathic compassion and altruism as well as enlightened wisdom.” Buddha himself said that the patron-benefactors and the monastic practitioners are as if harnessed together, helping pull each other towards enlightenment. This connection between head and heart, body and soul is what’s needed for peace and harmony to flourish in our violent world.

Thank you, thank you for your contributions, generosity, practice and loving support. Happy holydays: May you and all those we embrace as family enjoy a healthy, harmonious and auspicious new year.

With love, prayers and blessings,
Lama Surya Das

Please join us at one of our upcoming meditation retreats:
Spring – March 19-26, 2017 -Serra Retreat Center, Malibu, CA.
Go to http://www.dzogchen.org to register on-line.
Summer – July 16-22, 2017 – Garrison Institute, Garrison, NY
Go to http://www.dzogchen.org to register on-line.

For more details feel free to visit: http://askthelama.com/


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