Can’t wait for this to be over!

Since the debate season, almost everyone I know says something like “I can’t wait for this to be over!” I feel similarly, but also realize that it ain’t just gonna be over when the election occurs or even when an inauguration takes place. There’s no real end in sight; this is just more of a beginning of the endless, if one looks deeper, both practically and spiritually speaking. A wise man said: “The endless knot of eternity is round as an apple.”

Until we ourselves change and transform this very partisan, entrenched political process we’ve been stuck in for quite some time, and have a genuine change of heart– and evolve our thinking and communications, furthering dialogue rather than mere diatribe, threats and rhetoric– not much is really going to change, at least not for the better. Not this year, and not next. How will we be able to heal our societal rifts and solve our systemic problems, and elevate our lives as well as our compatriots’, especially the least unfortunate among us? This is my prayer, hope, and heartfelt intention.

No one can do it all alone—not a leader, not a citizen– yet none are exempt from participating. Let’s be informed citizens and get out and vote our values to make a positive difference in this, our divided country and interconnected, beleaguered world.

Let’s not give in to fear just ’cause The Night of The Dead is almost upon us. Better to unmask and authentically show up this year, and every year.

Change is inevitable but meaningful transformation is optional!

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