Happy Passover, Easter, Spring! Happy day!


Easter is coming, the light is rising, and the weather here in snowy New England is starting to bring the real promise of spring. It’s the season of rebirth and fresh beginnings as the flowers are starting to break free and the song birds are coming back. Walking beneath the weeping willows around my pond, I feel the good earth growing up green and wild all around me, and rejoice in feeling part of it.

His Holiness the 17th Karmapa, on his US tour this month, has focused much of his message on the importance of respecting and protecting our environment, developing compassion for all and everything through recognizing that reality of interconnectedness and interdependence. This thoughtful, creative young Karmapa holds dear his childhood memories of growing up in Tibet and his feelings of being in harmony with the natural state. HH shared,

“Lacking in much formal schooling, I have developed a natural care and respect for the world around me. When I talk about protecting the environment, it’s not some abstract idea. I can feel it. I have a strong connection with it. Everything is sacred, and worthy of respect. “

As this holy season greets us, let’s join HH in appreciating and embracing this wonderful, magical, endangered planet we call home.

Happy Passover, Easter, Spring! Happy day!


5 thoughts on “Happy Passover, Easter, Spring! Happy day!

  1. I was delighted to receive your visit to my blog and your follow. Your name has been familiar for some time through my readings encountered during a personal study of Buddhism. As you celebrate the arrival of spring in the northern hemisphere, here in Australia we look forward to the coolness of autumn – especially after this long, hot summer. Enjoy your Easter season.
    Many blessings ~

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