Prayer For Nepal | Greetings from Nepal!

Prayer For Nepal
Prayer For Nepal

Please consider donating to Nepal quake relief through the reliable, effective and well- established Karuna-Shechen Fund founded years ago in Nepal by Venerable Matthieu Ricard, who lives and works there year after year (at D. Khyentse Rinpoche monastery).

Gratitude, blessings, love and prayer— Lama Surya Das

Lama Surya Das presents “Make Me One with Everything”

Make Me One with Everything By Lama Surya Das
Make Me One with Everything By Lama Surya Das

Date: May 31, 2015 03:00PM — May 31, 2015 04:00PM

Venue: The Concord Bookshop, 65 Main Street, Concord, MA, US

What did the Dalai Lama say to the hot dog vendor? “Make me one with everything!” It’s a familiar joke, muses Lama Surya Das, and one that holds a profound truth: that in addition to inner peace, meditation is a path for all-inclusive connection. In Make Me One with Everything, he invites us to experience this through the art of inter-meditation and other original practices that allow us to see through the illusion of separation.

“If you’ve ever felt ‘at one’ with something-your beloved or your child, a forest trail or a favorite song-then you’ve experienced inter-meditation,” explains Lama Surya Das. Based on Tibetan Buddhism’s core insights into the inherent essence of who we are, these teachings of shared spirituality offer both new and experienced meditators a better way to live-not just on the meditation cushion or the yoga mat, but in every moment of their lives.

Lama Surya Das is one of the most learned and highly trained American-born lamas in the Tibetan Dzogchen tradition. He is the founder of the Dzogchen Center in Cambridge, Massachusettes and Austin, Texas. He is the author of many books, including Awakening the Buddha Within and Awakening to the Sacred. He lives in Cambridge.

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Dzogchen Center Summer Meditation Retreat

Dzogchen Center Summer Meditation Retreat

The Natural Great Awakening

We are all Buddhas by nature–we only have to awaken and recognize who we are and how we fit perfectly in this world. This is the teaching of the innate Great Perfection–Dzogchen. Introducing us to this natural wisdom and compassion is the life-work of Lama Surya Das. For the annual Summer Dzogchen Meditation Retreat, he will teach the View, Meditation and Action of the Great Perfection: timeless and inspiring heart-essence instructions passed down in this contemplative tradition for many centuries.

We invite you to join Dzogchen Lineage Holder Lama Surya Das for a week of awakening to the joy of naturally-arising timeless awareness. Lama Surya will teach throughout the week and offer lively Q&A sessions. In addition to guided and silent meditations, dharma talks, heart-opening chanting and private interviews, this retreat will also feature optional and uplifting Tibetan Energy Yoga each morning.

Outside of the teaching hall, the precious gift of Noble Silence is observed, allowing us the peace and spaciousness to explore the mind, as well as to rest and retreat from the busyness of everyday life & chatter.

In addition to formal sessions, there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings preserved by the Open Space Institute on the banks of the mighty Hudson River. Those preferring to stay inside can relax in a lounge looking out, or browse selected postings in the retreat reading room.

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Happy Passover, Easter, Spring! Happy day!


Easter is coming, the light is rising, and the weather here in snowy New England is starting to bring the real promise of spring. It’s the season of rebirth and fresh beginnings as the flowers are starting to break free and the song birds are coming back. Walking beneath the weeping willows around my pond, I feel the good earth growing up green and wild all around me, and rejoice in feeling part of it.

His Holiness the 17th Karmapa, on his US tour this month, has focused much of his message on the importance of respecting and protecting our environment, developing compassion for all and everything through recognizing that reality of interconnectedness and interdependence. This thoughtful, creative young Karmapa holds dear his childhood memories of growing up in Tibet and his feelings of being in harmony with the natural state. HH shared,

“Lacking in much formal schooling, I have developed a natural care and respect for the world around me. When I talk about protecting the environment, it’s not some abstract idea. I can feel it. I have a strong connection with it. Everything is sacred, and worthy of respect. “

As this holy season greets us, let’s join HH in appreciating and embracing this wonderful, magical, endangered planet we call home.

Happy Passover, Easter, Spring! Happy day!