Change Is The Universal Law From Lama Surya Das

 words of wisdom from Lama Surya Das

After a long delay, we finally have some words of wisdom from Lama Surya Das once again.

This one is about the insight of impermanence – that change is the universal law.

“Change is universal law, and we are all changing. Yet too many of us are still dragging our heels and resisting incremental change, while the world around us is changing exponentially. We are increasingly interconnected, and yet still maintain a mentally of fragmentation and isolationist egotism. It seems that advanced technologies can help solve more problems now, and faster. This is an age of social mobility and choices–the choice to speak up and participate, the choice to make a change, the choice to be a leader. I am far more interested in inculcating leadership than follower ship among my students and truth-seekers. Tie around your own head the leash that leads from the tip of your nose.”


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