The Essence of Awakening

As a young child playing hide and seek outside, with my cousins and siblings, in both Brooklyn and suburban Long Island, I learned an early meditation lesson: the more I stopped, and simply tuned in and sensed, directly, in the immediacy of the moment–the more focused and still I got, in body and mind– the more I saw and could see. And when I was clearer, everything became clearer. This was my youthful introduction to the harmony and oneness available via a heightened, wakeful, present awareness. I can almost see now how mind-reading works, when you utterly still your own body & mind, breath and energy for a moment.

So what does awakened awareness mean in this Modern World? What does it look like in our distracting OverInformation Age? Can the non-dual awakened state of inseparability and oneness be shared collectively, offering a unity consciousness and global banquet table for one and all? This earth our altar, all beings like the Buddhas and bodhisattvas, gods and goddesses arrayed upon it; this is BuddhaVision, sacramental vision. What a wonderful worldview that is and can be.


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